If you have any questions contact the artist website, please send an email to philgough@att.net

Welcome to the Mary Ann Gough Website.  These new featured original oil paintings are available for purchase.
Please contact the artist website at philgough@att.net for information and prices. 


Click on Giclee Gallery above to view additional paintings.  There on the www.maryanngough.com Website you will see many scenes revealing hidden treasures on the Tropical Rainforests of Hawaii, South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Asia.  You will see art treasures from the Caribbean and royal paintings of Hawaii!  These paintings exhibit a flair for vibrant colors, detailed realism and authenticity.  In that Gallery, some originals of those works are available for purchase by request. 








Oil on Canvas  20x24


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Oil on Linen  - 24 x 24


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* Special Note - the frame seen in CONTEMPLATION is part of the painting


For information on purchasing one of the gorgeous paintings. Please contact the artist website at philgough@att.net




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